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Legal Nunchucks: For Coaches

A hands-on legal guide that deals with issues specific to coaches. It covers the 10 rookie legal mistakes that coaches make so that you can figure out what you need to do (and NOT do) to protect your business and make more hard cold cash.


Legal Nunchucks: For Photographers

The best, funniest, most action-able resource for making sure your photography business is protected, legit and overflowing with moola. It covers the 10 rookie legal mistakes that most photographers make and offers you the tools to stop running your business like one and instead, lay that legal foundation like a pro.


Ready, Name, Fire!

Oh the evil beast of naming your business or product. This guide goes through everything you need to know to create a badass name that connects with and compels your dream consumer, all while being trademark-able and legally wicked smart.

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Small Business Bodyguard

Our best-selling legal resource that will give you an affordable, doable, and entertaining way to (finally!) lay out a proper legal foundation for your business. Includes deep insight, cheat sheets, worksheets and contract templates so the guesswork is gone and the confidence comes to stay.

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